HB 1425 Threatens Professional Board Autonomy; Urge a ‘No’ Vote in the Mississippi Senate


HB 1425 has passed the Mississippi House of Representatives and moved last week to the Senate for action.  The bill grants the governor power to conduct an independent review of rules, regulations, enforcement provisions, and all the rest of each occupational board, with an aim to get to the “least restrictive regulation necessary to protect the public and promote competition, innovation and job growth.”

Reducing regulation is a Republican touchstone principle, and it looks like the new super-majority in the Legislature means to take aim at the alleged over-regulation of occupations, including the social work profession.  Sure, there’s a promise to “protect the public,” but don’t buy that line; in Republican world, “competition and job growth” (read “race to the bottom” on both worker wages and quality) will trump public protection every time.

This one is a no-brainer for social workers.  Contact your Senator today and tell him or her to vote “NO” on HB 1425 in no uncertain terms.

You can review the bill online.