USA, Mississippi Sorely in Need of Competent Leadership


Still harboring doubts that our nation and our state desperately need leadership capable of grappling effectively with reality?  Then take a look at highlights of President Trump’s first solo press conference (the frequent flashes of paranoia are disturbing indeed), and the latest economic news out of Jackson (page 1 of the Clarion-Ledger): Continued out-migration from the state, continued high unemployment, continued first place in poverty, disability, and negative health outcomes, and near last place in educational attainment. So what is the plan of Gov. Bryant and the Republican leadership? More budget cuts for state services this fiscal year, and even bigger cuts for mental health, health, and higher education (and who knows what else?) next year.

Yeah, disinvestment in the very services to citizens that might spell some progress against the worst social ills plaguing us – that’s real leadership for you.