Social Worker Kathryn Rehner is Running for the Mississippi House


How many times have you heard it, and maybe said it yourself? “Social workers need to run for political office, with support from other social workers.” Putting social workers in office committed to addressing the needs of all, and not just the elite, helps fulfill our ethical commitment to push for economic and social justice.  It’s our best hope of advancing sound social welfare policy, and protecting what safety net programs we have against mounting threats from the political right.

Well, guess what?  There’s a social worker running right now for the Mississippi House of Representatives, District 102 – the seat vacated by Toby Barker when he became the new mayor of Hattiesburg.  Five candidates have declared candidacy so far for the September 12 special election, but only one social worker, Kathryn Rehner –

Time to get busy, social workers, in showing support for one of our own.  Time to walk the walk.