Apparently no Stopping ACA Haters


The zombie Obamacare haters just won’t stop coming, no matter how many times they die.  Here’s what’s driving this malicious health care “reform” effort: A president who by turns seems incompetent beyond belief, just plain evil, and/or on a steady slide toward dementia; and a majority Republican Senate, walking on the thinnest legislative razor’s edge imaginable (“Hey, Mr. V.P., we need you to break another tie vote!”), evidently unconcerned that the vast majority of Americans unequivocally reject what they’re trying to do – i.e., strip tens of millions of Americans of health care insurance coverage.  Obamacare may be deeply flawed (by design it was largely a giveaway to the insurance industry, in my view), but it’s a damned sight better than what the political right is peddling.

In case you missed it: Mississippi senators Cochran and Wicker, supposedly “representing” some of the poorest and most health-compromised people in the USA, both voted Tuesday night for an amendment to repeal the Affordable Care Act with nothing (except ensuing market chaos) to replace it with.  Oh my, we desperately need new leadership, social workers.