North Korean Flare-up is a Great Gift to Trump


Forget Russian collusion with the Trump election campaign.  The question we should ask now is whether North Korean “madman” Kim Jong-un is colluding with the tweeter-in-chief to distract us from the mess President Trump is making of what’s left of our democracy.

I’m not serious about collusion, of course.  But what president under pressure, let alone this one (“hit me, and I’ll hit you back harder”), wouldn’t welcome the narrative-shifting shock of an international crisis?  And what better crisis than the threat of war, and nuclear war no less – “fire and fury like the world has never seen”?  Say what you will about the president’s political immaturity, planetary immolation has a unique capacity to push lesser matters (the Mueller investigation, climate disruption, the health care debacle, the deregulation apocalypse underway throughout the executive branch…) from the focal foreground with blinding speed.

He probably won’t thank you, but you deserve a lot of credit, Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Kim!  Talk about changing the conversation!