Secret’s Out: More Exposure, Big Donation for Eagle’s Nest Pantry

Gold Leaf-HUB
The Gold Leaf Society emblem is emblazoned on a rock near Danforth Chapel and The Hub building.

Have you ever noticed the rock pictured above, and wondered about the emblem bearing a leaf with seven stars and the year 1877?

Sitting in plain sight, the rock represents a university secret society, the Gold Leaf, which surfaced in 2005 and makes anonymous donations to support Southern Miss.

University officials do not know who its members are, but there have been regular communications via mail and checks to support various projects over the past 13 years.

Fortunately for the School of Social Work, the excellent work of the Eagle’s Nest Food Pantry caught the eye of these mysterious benefactors. Recently, the Gold Leaf donated $777.77 to support the pantry.

You can learn more about the Gold Leaf and read the full story of the donation on Southern Miss Now.


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