As elections approach, expect more craziness from Trump

The president is running scared.  How better to explain the erratically raging tweet-storms on criminal immigrants, Amazon and other “stupid” businesses, NAFTA trade deficits, and, of course, the fake-news-loving, enemy-of-the-people media?

A lot is riding on the outcome of the November mid-term elections.  If the Senate flips to a Democratic majority, a real possibility, it almost certainly means the end of the Trump legislative agenda, the final deflation of fantasies to repeal Obamacare and to begin defunding the big entitlement programs, and the initiation of new, tougher investigations of Trump & Co. shenanigans.  All very bad for the president and his cronies.

At the same time, resistance to the divisive Trumpist privatizing agenda is stiffening even in red states – note especially contagiously militant teacher actions in W. Virginia, Oklahoma, and Kentucky – and there is mounting rage among erstwhile supporters toward the president for (a) jacking up the federal deficit to new heights in the latest budget bill, (b) allowing Cabinet-level venality and corruption to run amok; and (c) failing to deliver on his signature campaign promise to “build the wall.”

The president is desperate both to check erosion of his precious “base” and to shirk responsibility for the coming electoral debacle, and so he’s falling back on the old tricks – attack, deflect, demean, scapegoat, threaten, defame and disinform – the same machinations that put him into the office he’s now executing so poorly.  Take note, social workers: Expect more of the same type of eruption – all the more feverish and more frequent the closer we get to November.



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