The North Korean ‘Summit’ was just plain bizarre

Are you sleeping more peacefully now that Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un seem to have fallen into a hot and heavy bromance?  The president says you should be.  Why?  Mainly because he has dictator Kim fantasizing now about a Trump Tower on one of his beaches, so Kim surely won’t want to think about nuking the U.S.

Think I’m kidding?  Check out this video clip from Trump’s post-summit press conference –

“They have great beaches,” Trump said of North Korea. “You see that whenever they’re exploding their cannons into the ocean, right? I said, ‘Boy, look at that! Wouldn’t that make a great condo!’ And I explained, I said, you know, ‘Instead of doing that, you could have the greatest hotels in the world.’ Think of it from a real estate perspective!”

Sorry, but I don’t find the president’s unique style of “diplomacy” (revolving on his “gut” feelings and real estate-drenched deal-making) all that comforting.  (Neither am I keen on the strenuous efforts of the corporate media to make the president’s self-centered ravings sound rational, but that’s another story.)

Remember, our president has his finger on the nuclear “button,” which is to say, in a quite literal sense, the fate of humanity and most other life on the planet.


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