Sliding from Constitutional Republic to Absolute Monarchy?

Yesterday President Trump was acquitted by the U.S. Senate of impeachment charges brought by the House.  Neither witnesses nor documents were permitted to impede the drive of the pseudo-trial to POTUS’s speedy exoneration.

The Senate cult of Trump has, in effect, written the President a blank check for any other abuse of power he may perpetrate – past, present, or future.  There are likely plenty of both past and present, known or unknown, but we have most to fear from Trump’s future action.  He knows now, beyond a shadow of doubt, that he will be held accountable for absolutely nothing, no matter how egregiously abusive.

Past behavior is usually the best predictor of future behavior.  So here’s a high-probability prediction: Trump unchecked will be Trump unhinged, Trump ever more authoritarian the longer he remains in office.  The past three years have been very, very bad for the Constitution, the democratic republic of these United States, and the vast majority of the American people.  But I fear that we ain’t seen nothing yet, baby.

The British monarchy renounced in 1776 has returned with a vengeance under homegrown American auspices.  All hail King Trump!

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