Forget Biden; the COVID crisis shows that only Sanders can beat a populist Trump

Today’s March 18, and the extent of the economic carnage likely to be wrought by the Coronavirus is just sinking into the national political psyche.

The amazing thing is that it’s Republicans, not Democrats, making the strongest commitments to helping working Americans suddenly staring into a financial abyss.  President Trump, supported in Congress by Senate leader McConnell, is pledging to cut checks and put cash ($1000 to start) in the pockets of working people asap, and to keep it coming as long as the health and economic crisis persists.  The Democratic establishment leadership (notably Pelosi and Schumer) by comparison has, so far, squat to show.

Trump and McConnell evidently responding to the populist wing of their party, with corporate Dems trailing behind, portends poorly for a Biden candidacy.  Trump will not just rake Biden over the coals for a horrific record on everything from trade to nepotistic corruption, he’ll out-populist him with working class voters.

It seems clearer than ever that Bernie, not Biden, is the only candidate in the Democratic herd that can beat Trump.  The Coronavirus pandemic confirms the diagnosis.

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